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Dear all,
Sera Mey Monastic University is one of the biggest monastic seats of learning whose history can be traced back to hundreds of years since the time of Tsongkhapa's disciple Kunkhyen Jangchup Bhumpa. Since the influx of Tibetans into exile as refugees, the world has seen a new face of Buddhism. The sophistication of its vast philosophy and the practicality of its mind training instructions have impressed and lured many intellectuals as well as scientists into it from all around the world. This rich and profound philosophy of Buddhism has been kept intact through the practice of study, contemplation and meditation for many centuries in Tibet. As the world outside is now showing a keen interest in our culture, a need for a source of information on our monastic life of study, contemplation and meditation is needed. This official website of Sera Mey Monastic University contains sufficient information on the different aspects of our monastic life.

We welcome all of you to our monastic life at a glimpse through this website. 

Abbot Gyutoe Khensur Ngawang Jorden

Geshe Geshe Lobsang Palden


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