The Great Medicine Buddha Prayer on Saturday 1st Oct. 2017 (Tibetan Calendar month 2144-11-08), The eighth Demo Rinpoche Jamphel Gyatso, during his reign as the regent of Tibet, instructed that Sera Mey establish a special Medicinal Buddha Prayer. Accordingly, by keeping the rituals strictly in line with the Sutric tradition, this Medicinal Buddha Prayer was founded at Sera Mey. A complete Loelang [mentally constructed] Mandala of the eight Medicine Buddhas surrounded by all the retinues such as Boddhissatvas, Hearers, Solitary Realizers and so forth was envisioned and fulfilled through the compassionate direction of the late His Eminence Gyalrong Khensur Rinpoche Jestun Ngawang Thekchok.

Headed by Tibet’s regent Denmo Rinpoche and the abbot of Sera Mey, on the 8th day of the 8th Tibetan month, this Great Drupchen Prayer wash held by the Tulkus and the Sangha of Sera Mey. It is said that when this ritual, reminding the eight aspects of the Medicine Buddha about their own special pledges at the time of the five generations, was first established, auspicious rays filled the vicinity as a sign of blessing; from then onwards, the whole of Tibet had stability and peace, and the common populace of Tibet remained free of epidemics for a long time. From the time of its establishment until now, this Drupchen has been graciously held at Sera Mey.

Date from 13rd Aug. 2017 (Tibetan Calendar month 2144-06-21) Spring debate session will end on 7th day of the fourth Tibetan lunar month. Monks will recite auspicious expression and dedication prayer during the morning debate session. Also on one fine day of this month the disciplinarian will grant Rigchung position of the Defendant and Opponent on the topic from the text of Prajnaparamita treatise.
From 1st day of fifth Tibetan lunar month, there will be debate conversation in every house with scholars who are granted Rigchung.
Rigchung debate conversation starts from 25th of sixth Tibetan Lunar month.According to the results of the three years of debate examinations, the disciplinarian will grant the position of Defendant and Opponent to sixteen suitable scholars in the present class to debate on a given subject from Prajnaparamita treatise. Prior to the Rikchung conversation each pair of scholars have to attend debate conversations of every class and of all the thirteen different houses for eight days. The scholar will receive a degree marking the completion of the studies on Prajnaparamita treatise.
From first day of seventh Tibetan lunar month, there will be a two days Rigchen debate conversation on Vinaya "Monastic Discipline" and Madhyamika "the middle way treatise" between two scholars from each Sera Mey and Sera Jhe monastery.

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