The forty five days summer retreat or summer residence on Saturday 06th Aug 2017 to 19th Sept 2017 (Tibetan Calendar month 2144-Jun-14 to 2144-Jul-29), The forty five days summer retreat or summer residence in religious confinement is begins from 15th day of sixth Tibetan lunar month to 30th of seventh Tibetan lunar month. During this period monks are not allowed to go beyond the marked boundaries of the monasteries and observe additional rules and regulations to their regular routine.
The ceremony of lifting of the added restrictions is from 30th of seventh Tibetan Lunar month. There are seven days holidays for observing strong summer retreat acceptance. The three basic ritual or ceremonies of monks are 1) By-monthly restoration and confession ceremony, 2) summer or monsoon season retreat 3) The ceremony of lifting restrictions after the completion of summer retreat.

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Summer Retreat & Acceptance

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The Great Medicine Buddha Prayer

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Annual Medicine Buddha Prayer

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