Emory-Tibet Science Program

Category: News Collection | Date: 15-05-2017 | Hits:357

The 4th Science Program Organised by Emory-Tibet Science Initiative at Sera Mey Monastic University wef. 15th May to 20th June 2017. Monks from Sera Mey Monastery & Sera Jhe Monastery and Tashi Lhunpo Monastery has participated in this program... Read more

Upcoming Events

Summer Retreat & Acceptance

Date:06-08-2016 | Hits:278

Rigchung Ceremonial Function

Date:22-08-2016 | Hits:264

The Great Medicine Buddha Prayer

Date:01-10-2016 | Hits:243

Annual Medicine Buddha Prayer

Date:09-10-2016 | Hits:205

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