Enlisting the Names of Sponsors of the Lamps

Outside the administrative office, lights are lit every night in front of the frame enshrining images of one thousand Buddha Shakyamuni. Names of the sponsors who contributed more than Rs. 2000 are written and kept there for one year. This is done so that those sponsors could be remembered and held in prayers whenever the monks have a look at the board.

Benefits of the Lamp Offerings

Just as the lamp illuminates itself and has the ability to illuminates others, the offering of lamp produces the karmic result of reducing one’s ignorance and enhancing the light of wisdom. Also, this has the benefit of generating causes for omniscience in future.

Motivation at the time of Lamp Offering

Since all beings are equal in aspiring for happiness and despising suffering, and that the root of sufferings is ignorance, one should visualize that with the illumination of the lamp, the ignorance of all beings are eliminated as one fully develops the union of the compassion and the wisdom of emptiness.

Prayer & Offering