It is said thus in Vasubhandu’s Abhidharmakosa:

“By abiding in discipline,
Through hearing and concentration,
One perfectly applies them into meditation.”

Students should properly abide in his monastic and Vinaya rules as they engage in years of rigorous study, contemplation, and meditation. Getting up at 5 a.m. in the morning, they attend their morning prayer gathering. Breakfast is served at the prayer. The morning prayer finishes around 7a.m. From 7 a.m. till 9a.m, students memorize their own texts of study or read texts for their debate. From 9a.m until 11a.m. students gather at the debate ground and engage in debate.

In Shantideva’s ‘Engaging in the Boddhissatvas’ Deeds’ it says:

“The Dharma is the only medicine
To heal the sufferings of migratory beings
And the source of every happiness.”

The precious Dharma is the only source of relief from the sufferings as well as the source of all temporary and ultimate happiness. As such, graduating after years of intensive study, contemplation and practice, monks either stay to teach, work and serve the monastery, or go to smaller monasteries, foreign countries or elsewhere to teach. Some go into solitary retreat and devote the remaining part of their lives for intensive meditation. Many of them become active members in society.