To get admitted in a monastery, first one must find a resident teacher whose role is like a guide and a caretaker. After being accepted by a college or a khangtsen and if a resident teacher is found, he would then be taken to the monastery’s office for admission. After filling the admission form, his acceptance would be marked by a roll number given on his ID.

The study of the five classical texts are divided into fourteen classes. Based on seniority, the classes are ranked as:

  1. The first class
  2. The second class
  3. The third class
  4. Zenkyang
  5. The senior Madhyamika
  6. The junior Madyamika
  7. The supplementary class of Prajnaparimita called Zurkhol
  8. Prajnaparimta forth
  9. Prajnamparimita third
  10. Prajnaparimita second
  11. Senior than old Prajnaparimita
  12. Old Prajnaparimita
  13. New Prajnaparimita
  14. The Art of Logical Reasoning, and The Combined Class of Tenets, Seventy Aspects of the Path, Paths and Grounds [Dupdhonsasum]