The disciplinarian is the second highest in authority at the monastery. Before Year 2000, the disciplinarian was appointed through an election in which representatives from all the different branches of the monastery were be present. However, later, a new system was introduced in which scholars, who have attained the degree of Geshe Lharampa, would serve their term on the basis of seniority. The disciplinarian’s term is for only one year. He holds the constitution of the monastic law, and his role is to uphold the monastic law and enforce it by introducing rules and regulations to uphold order and discipline in the monastery. He is in charge of controlling the debate sessions as well as maintaining control and discipline during all the prayer sessions. A disciplinarian’s coronation ceremony is conducted whenever a new disciplinarian takes his turn and his role starts from that very day onward. (Click here to view the list of all Sera Mey's disciplinarians)

tenzin jinpa id 174Name: Geshe Tenzin Jinpa

SMMU Id No: 174

Designation: Disciplinarian Master 

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