The Upholders of Dharma in General, Gaden Tripas [Supreme Head of Geluk Tradition] and Abbots from Sera Mey

Sera Mey had produced many eminent saints and scholars among whom some had become regents of the government of Tibet while some became unsurpassable scholars proficient in both Sutra and Tantra that they attained the highest honor of becoming tutors to the Dalai Lamas. Many had become custodians of the Lamrin Tradition while others became prolific writers who left their legacies in the form of texts for the benefit of future aspirants. Some had become adepts who had reached very high level of attainments; many others had generated significantly reliable attainments and equaled the length of their lives with their practices.

His Holiness envisioned that if the monastic communities could be established in places where Tibetan refugee settlements have been founded, it would be beneficial for the preservation of the Buddha Dharma; this would also improve and stabilize the livelihoods of the monastic communities, which, at that time were really poor. In accordance with the compassionate guidance of His Holiness, all the major monasteries got established in various Tibetan settlements where they were given land. Accordingly, Sera Mey, Sera Jey and Kagyu monastery were given lands at Bylakuppe Tibetan settlement in Mysore. Sera got shifted there on 13th Dec, 1969.

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