founderJust as finding the source of a river should lead us to a mountain, the history of the Buddha Dharma should also lead us to its origin, the Buddha Shakyamuni, our sublime teacher with an exceptional compassion for the beings of the five degenerations.

From his twelve main deeds [or the countless deeds of the three doors: body, speech and mind] that arose from his mind of altruism, the deeds of his speech are considered to be of utmost importance. From amongst these deeds of speech, the immaculate and the best of them are his teachings on the Perfection of Wisdom [Sherchin]; the precious sets of Sutras on the Perfection of Wisdom [Sherchin Ki Dhode Rinpoche] are such examples.

author kedrup gedun tepa dhargyeKedrup Gedun Tepa Dhargye, an incarnation of Geshe Potowa who was considered an emanation of Maitreya, was a great adept and scholar whose work on Prajnaparimita and Madhyamika are studied intensively at Sera Mey. He was a prolific writer well learned in the five treatises and was revered as a scholar who had mastered all the five sciences. Although the translations of the teachings of Buddha’s direct teachings and their Indian commentaries are considered more reliable and authentic, each monastic seats of Sera, Drepung, and Gaden emphasized more on their own authoritative texts when studying in a graduated manner, since those texts were considered like keys to unlock the more difficult Indian classics.

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